About Auricle

The story of Auricle is being written and you are helping to fill the pages.

Founded in Edinburgh in 2019, Auricle creates unique earrings for a bohemian look. 

I started making my own jewellery when I was a child - from the traditional plastic bead on a string and friendship bracelets, eventually graduating to grown-up earrings. 

The name was inspired by my love for anatomy and physiology, and after picking a name everything else just fell into place.

Support Our Sisters

For every pair of earrings that you buy , I will make and donate a pair to a local women's shelter. You can make a difference and make someone smile!⁠

Every woman deserves to feel beautiful and special. Surviving should not mean living off the cast-offs of our lives. It should be thriving. Let's make someone's day by gifting her a beautiful pair of earrings!⁠


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Creating and making are my favourite out-of-the-lab activity. Yes, you read that right. I am a PhD researcher in neuroscience during the day. You can check out my professional blog here if you are so inclined.

Originally from Austria, I moved to Scotland for Uni in 2011 - and never left. I live in Edinburgh with my other half and our two wonderful dogs.

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