Dogs of Harrison Park Calendar 2021
Dogs of Harrison Park Calendar 2021
Dogs of Harrison Park Calendar 2021
Dogs of Harrison Park Calendar 2021

Dogs of Harrison Park Calendar 2021

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Collect In-Store

The following sponsors will all stock the Dogs of Harrison Park Calendar:

  • Tea & Sympathy
  • Pollination
  • The Terrace Cafe
  • The Caley Sample Room

Please note, Star Dogs have asked to be removed from the list of collection sites as it is, understandably, quite disruptive to their grooming business. If you are taking your pup in for a groom anyway, then please feel free to order and collect then. Otherwise, we would prefer you chose one of the other sponsoring businesses.

 Where possible, we're asking people to order online at Auricle and collect in-store to avoid our sponsors incurring card vendor charges on our behalf. If you want to collect in store, please put the business name in the address field, and you can collect your calendars from there when you show your proof of purchase!

 If you do still want to purchase the calendar at one of the businesses sponsoring the calendar, you can do so via a PayPal payment. In certain cases, the businesses may accept cash or card, so please do ask them.



We'll also be selling calendars for delivery if you live nearby (as delivery will be via Cameron and Charlie out on a run). For clarification, that would be approximately within this area:

We'll try to get calendars delivered within a couple of days of ordering, but as it will depend on my running schedule, it may take a little longer - if you've not received an order within 5 working days, please feel free to drop us a message and tell me to get my running shoes on!

If you live outwith this area but want to order for delivery, please drop us an email first so we can figure out postage costs (or if you're elsewhere in Edinburgh, when we'll next be out running that way)!


Collect From Us

We (Danny and Cameron) will also have some calendars with us when we're in the park with Sid and Charlie. We'll be able to take cash or card for these, although we can't guarantee we'll be there all the time!

Thank you also to everyone who sent photos and birthday submission! Without you, this calendar would not exist.