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Updated: Jan 4

At Auricle we firmly believe that giving back to the community should be a top priority. This year, for every pair of earrings you buy we will create and donate a pair of unique earrings to a women's shelter.

Social responsibility

When I created Auricle, it never even crossed my mind not to include a charitable aspect. We all carry a social responsibility. Auricle will put that into action.

You're probably wondering what a woman in a shelter could possibly need earrings for. Here's the thing - a woman who has escape domestic abuse might leave with nothing but the clothes on her back. At the shelter she may be given hand-me down essentials. This woman has just shown immense strength and courage, yet she is made to feel like a burden. This is by no means the fault of shelters but down to a lack of financial and material resources. So how is our heroine going to find her feet again in clothes that do not fit her, in out-dated styles that do not give her confidence?

We want to support our sisters by giving them their dignity and confidence back.

Every woman deserves to feel special and beautiful.

Head to the Etsy shop to make a purchase and automatic donation of a free pair of earring to a woman in need.

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