Stockbridge Market

Stockbridge Market Customer

One of my New Year's resolutions for Auricle was to start going to markets - and I did. At the worst time ever.

At the end of March, the UK hadn't quite gone into full lockdown but people were advised to be careful and implement social distancing. The market was not cancelled, so I still went. It was my first market with Auricle, so it was very much a trial run. Luckily, it turned out I had everything I needed with me!

While the market itself had very few visitors and I was one of the few stalls that actually re-couped the price of the table, I still had a wonderful time talking to other makers and networking. I got Auricle's name out there. I also had very positive feedback from other stallholders on my table display.

I'm not sure when the next market will actually take place given the nationwide lockdown, but for now I hope everyone is staying safe and not going (too) insane at home.

Lots of love,


Auricle Founder

NB: Yes, that's my dog visiting my stall. You can follow him and his little sister on Instagram.

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