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Do you like receiving physical mail? Everyone does. Imagine how much it could mean to a woman in crisis.

Imagine this: you have just left everything behind - all of your belongings, your pets (!), your life to escape your abuser. Maybe you have your children and maybe a bag of essentials. You have shown incredible strength and courage to leave. Now you are in a shelter and are grateful for the compassion and support you are shown. But how do you carry on and start a new life? You are facing an incredible challenge. Read more on women's refuges here.

At Auricle, we want to make you feel loved and like the heroine you are. We want to you feel beautiful and special.

What is Support Post?

Those who work at refuges are incredible people and can help build survivors lives back up. We want to help them by starting the Support Post campaign in tandem with our Support Our Sisters project.

In Support Our Sisters, every pair of earrings that you purchase is accompanied by a pair of earrings donated to a shelter. I would like to expand that with a pair of earrings and a letter.

How do I submit a letter?

Easy! You can either submit a letter on the website using or follow the link in the email you are sent after buying a pair on Etsy!

Will I know who received my letter?

No. We want to keep our sisters safe, so Auricle will never disclose sensitive information, nor will we ever request this information from the shelters we donate to.

Any more questions? Drop us an email or find us on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook!

Love, Danny

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